Journal Of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry is the first of its kind in the field of Restorative Dentistry. By placing emphasis on publishing novel research articles and high-quality case reports, the Journal aims to influence the clinicians to practice a ‘team approach,’ in order to deliver treatment of a very high quality to deserving patients. The ever-growing field of Implantology is one branch that will be highly benefited by a ‘team approach’. An implant team should comprise of a prosthodontist, periodontist, an oral radiologist, and an oral surgeon. Each of the specialists involved is a very important cog in the wheel. Every member of the team should participate in the planning, execution, and maintenance of the implants, as an implant failure would result in a debate, which would give the profession no credit.


The chief coordinator should ideally be a prosthodontist as implantolgy is a prosthetically driven specialty. The long-term success of an implant-supported prosthesis depends on the optimum position of the implant, its harmonious integration with the hard and soft tissues, and the dynamic occlusal relationship of the implant prosthesis with the opposing dentition. This necessitates a well-coordinated team approach, which can deliver an esthetically and functionally optimum implant-supported prosthesis.

Scientific journals are usually considered the most important primary sources of information. They help in rapid dissemination of scientific research work and clinical innovations, giving due credit to the researcher and/or clinician. The ISPRP board members as well as the editorial board have been working tirelessly toward publishing a scientific journal of the highest standards. They believe that the use of modern communication tools is critical to the development of effective and information-rich journal. Therefore, ISPRP partnered with Medknow publication to build this communication infrastructure and help the authors with online submission of articles and quick and effective reviewing by the editorial board.

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