12th ISPRP

National Conference 2019

Theme: "Partners in Excellence"

Date: 2nd - 4th August 2019

Venue: JSS DENTAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, JSS Medical Institutions Campus
JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research (JSSAHER) S S Nagara, Bannimantap,
Mysuru – 570015, Karnataka, INDIA

Keynote Speakers

Dr. V Gopi Krishna

“Endo – Post & Core - Implant Continuum”

The treatment plan for the management of of a pulpally inlvolved tooth can differ based on many factors and this evidence based update would provide a clinician with crucial prognostic variables that would help in making the right treatment choice. This presentation would also provide current evidence of endodontic treatment outcomes

Dr. Veerendra Kumar S C

“Cortical Implantology:Peri-Implantitis Free implants”

The use of dental implants has revolutionized the treatment of partially and fully edentulous patients today. While in many cases dental implants have been reported to achieve long-term success, these are also not immune from the complications including peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. However, in the past few years, the continued and growing incidence of the presence of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis around implants has given pause to their use. Implants that looked perfect when placed often show bone loss after a few years, while other implants look good after decades of use. Peri-implantitis occurs after the successful osseo-integration of the implant. This is especially unfortunate, since the disease starts to attack just as everything looks fine and the patient starts using the implant.They are many reasons mentioned for the development of periimplantitis ,but use of rough surface,multi-part implants designs, and use of cancelous bone for the implant placement are considered as main factors for the peri-implantitis.with the use of cortical implantology which utilises the Bi-Cortical special design implants and the Resorption free strong cortical bones are shown to be successful without development of peri implantitis.

Dr. Akshay Kumarswamy

“Whose zone is it anyway?”

The biologic width has been studied from time immemorial in the subject of Periodontics. This lecture will try to provide an interdisciplinary aspect of this biologic width zone and how it relates to fixed restorations in regards to esthetics as well as with regards to implant restorations

Dr. Chetan Hegde

“Management of Extensively Worn Out Dentition With Fixed Partial Prosthetic “

Dr. Ramesh Chowdhary

"“Simpli5y” A Prosthodontically driven immediately loadedimplant restoration for full mouth rehabilitation"

Dental implant restoration has proven as a successful treatment modality in implant supported restorations. Starting from one tooth for one implant concept to the most popular All-on 4 treatment modality have been used to restore complete edentulous patients. Due to the cost of the treatment, many patients cannot afford these expensive treatment modalities. After extensive research and clinical trials, a more simplified and more affordable treatment modality has been designed. This presentation will explain about immediately loading treatment modality “Simpli5y”.

Dr. Sreekanth A Mallan

"Immediate Functional Loading of Dental Implants"

In this lecture surgical, prosthetic guidelines in planning and execution of immediate functional loading of dental implants will be discussed. "LOAD" means "ENERGY". Biomechanics and energy flow in stomatognathic system and guidelines to control the energy flow for predictable immediate functional loading of dental implants will be dealt in detail.

Dr. Jayshree Hegde Anil

“Management of subgingival lesions with direct restorative resin:A paradigm shift”

Restoration of deep gingival lesions with direct restorative material has been a long standing challenge. In the past we have always looked at an indirect restoration as the best option. With advancements in adhesive technology and conservation of tooth structure as the focus of contemporary dentistry, direct restorations should be the line of treatment wherever isolation can be achieved. This lecture focuses on optimal methods to restore deep gingival lesions with direct resins and maintaining healthy perio-restorative interface.

Dr. Konark Patil

"Occlusal Essentials"

In daily dentistry, occlusion is the single most factor responsible for failure or success of a treatment. Achievieng stable occlusion increases the success rate of the treatment provided. Understanding Occlusal assessment and equilibration may be daunting sometimes. In this lecture we will have the following outline.
Specific Learning objectives:
(1) Ideal occlusion .
(2) Assessment of occlusion
(3) Developing stable occlusal contacts
(4) Occlusion in endodontics
(5) Occlusion in periodontics
(6) Occlusion in prosthodontics.

Dr. Shanmukh Srinivas

Three - Dimensional Printing - An Imaginarium of reality

“3D printing is a well - establish disruptive technology of the 21st century. As technology mogul Bill Gates quoted, "Two areas most sensitive to innovation are information technology and medical technology" 3D printing as prophesized has impacted dentistry in a colossal way right from translational research to being capitalised into a billion dollar industry. Present talk on 3D printing will discuss the working dynamics of 3D printing, undergoing translational research around the world, the commercial facilities available for consumption and future avenues which it might behold.

Dr. Jojo Kottoor

"Strategies in tackling the dental black hole using magnification"

A black was a concept proposed that was considered the all powerful metaphysical force that engulfed all within its gravitational field.

Once considered a theoretical concept, it was recently visualized by a much publicised and revolutionary photograph.

The oral universe, by itself, also has many such conceptual and actual black hole's, with a potent capacity to engulf and destroy all in its path. The black hole that I wish to postulate, demonstrate and elucidate is the periodontal-tooth-restorative triad.

We aim to discuss this triad using clinical cases and photographs under magnification, while also gauging on the impact of different procedures including rubber dam, cavity preparation, periodontal management, biologic width, contacts and contours, and many more aspects on successful treatment outcome. For there is no doubt that an imperfectly created triad would definitely doom the tooth to a quick and sure disappearance.

Come join me in our collective battle against this dental black hole.