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  • 5th ISPRP Annual Conference

  • 3rd ISPRP Annual Conference

  • 2nd ISPRP Annual Conference

  • 1st ISPRP Annual Conference

  • 26th Jun 2015

    Ninth Annual National Conference

    The ninth Annual conference will take place at Mumbai in August 2016. More details shall be updated.    

  • 3rd Sep 2012

    ISPRP Brochure

    ISPRP is  as an inter-disciplinary platform which  was formed to promote better interaction and understanding between the branches of Prosthodontics, Conservative and Periodontics. We believe an increased rapport between the branches help us develop restorative dentistry holistically and widen the perspective of the individual branches. To know more and for memberships kindly go through theRead on…

Journal Of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry is the first of its kind in the field of Restorative Dentistry. By placing emphasis on publishing novel research articles and high-quality case reports, the Journal aims to influence the clinicians to practice a ‘team approach,’ in order to deliver treatment of a very high quality to deserving patients. The ever-growing field of Implantology is one branch that will be highly benefited by a ‘team approach’. An implant team should comprise of a prosthodontist, periodontist, an oral radiologist, and an oral surgeon. Each of the specialists involved is a very important cog in the wheel. Every member of the team should participate in the planning, execution, and maintenance of the implants, as an implant failure would result in a debate, which would give the profession no credit. Read on »


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What They Said

I am extremely happy to note that a new association called ISPRP has been formed combining the three major specialties in the field of dentistry Certainly the need of the hour for these specialties Prosthodontics, Conservative dentistry and Periodontics is to share a common platform and deal with the patient problems and its management with aRead on…

Dr. Kamalakanth Shenoy