Welcome to ISPRP

   It had been a long cherished dream of the dental fraternity to have a common platform in our country for the three specialties in dentistry for better interaction, learning and understanding. This dream was made fruitful by forming an association called the Indian Society of Prosthodontics-Restorative-Periodontics (ISPRP). As this forum grew in strength, the idea was to transform this forum into an association. With this in mind we sat formally with 28 members on 18th Feb, 2007 at Hotel Palkhi in Mangalore.

ISPRP Election Notification 2024-25

Dear ISPRP member,
We appreciate your presence in the ISPRP and the society would benefit greatly from your increased participation as office bearer or EC member. If you fulfill the requirements to file your nomination for the same, we urge you to do the same and enrich your professional aspirations further. Please find attached the roles available as well as the nomination form by the 15th of June 2024 to the scrutinizing officer, latest.
Kindly follow the instructions given in them.


Dr. N. Gopi Chander


Dr. Vibha Shetty


Dr. Paras Mull


Dr. P. S. G. Prakash



   Are you a Dentist practicing in India ? We would like you to join this team to collectively contribute to the advancing science of dentistry in India

Dr. Dilip Nayak

June 14th 2012 by ISPRP

   At the outset, heartiest congratulations on the formation of the Indian Society of Prosthodontics – Restorative – Periodontics. I feel the coming together of three specialties in this age of sub and super specialties is a refreshing change. I feel that this society will serve as a platform for discussions and deliberations, which will ensure a synergetic interdisciplinary approach resulting in a quality dental care. I wish this society all success in its future endeavors and hope the vision you foresee shall be accomplished.

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