The Mission of the Indian Society of Prosthodontics-Restorative- Periodontics is to provide our membership with new, thought-provoking advanced concepts in clinical dentistry to meet the needs and demands of a growing and constantly evolving profession.
   Indian Society Of Prosthodontics-Restorative- Periodontics realizes that the best way to accomplish this would be to develop a program that would offer access to some of the best speakers and information available in continuing education, so that we could learn together and share experiences with one another on a regular basis. The Indian Society of Prosthodontics-Restorative- Periodontics gives its members the opportunity to share treatment philosophies and ideas, with the intention of contributing to our growing base of knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach to providing dental care.
As a TEAM, we can all be proud of our collective contribution to advancing field of dentistry in India.


   This Logo/Emblem is adopted from emblem of dentistry. The design uses as its central figure a serpent entwined about an ancient Arabian cautery in the manner of the single serpent of Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine, coiled about a rod. The Greek letter Δ (delta), for dentistry, and the Greek letter Ο (omicron), for odont (tooth) form the periphery of the design.
   The figure of three persons attached to the O represents the three specialties of Prosthodontics, Conservative and endodontics and periodontics.
   The suggested colors for the Emblem are: the background in white; the letter Ο in dark blue; the letter Δ delta in black/grey; the cautery in navy black/ grey, the serpent in green, and the three persona in Saffron, white and green which are the colors of our national flag.


The Society will provide members the opportunity to expand their knowledge and clinical skills as well as introduce them to new concepts, materials, techniques and devices.

To foster friendship with other colleagues that will to develop a circle of professionals for referral purposes.

To promote the oral health of all people.

To provide scientific guidance and assistance to the dental fraternity, post-graduate students and government machinery regarding the advancements in the field of dentistry Continuing Dental Education .

To undertake oral screening programmes.

To bring awareness among public about oral health and to seek dental treatment.

To create a national network of specialist in the field of dentistry.

To conduct research in the field of dental specialties & allied sciences. To print and publish articles, periodicals and pamphlets on topics related to dentistry, dental medicine & allied sciences.

To provide training and assistance to dental postgraduates, dental technicians and dental hygienists.

To organize conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops in dentistry & allied sciences.

To get the ISPRP affiliated to international dental organizations.

To do all such others acts congenial and conducive to attain the objectives of the ISPRP and for the promotion of dentistry in the country on a sound scientific basis.

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